Global Quantitative Competition

Participate in a business analyst competition with your peers, in which you will create a pitch for your own idea.

The judging criteria are focused on the Customer Value Proposition which includes size of market, competitive landscape, and clear differentiation; economic model of the venture; go-to-market plan; and the capabilities and background of the team. Members of the GQC Community, with support from Program Leaders, will review the plans submitted for consideration and will select the top seven business plans as semi-finalists.

The Learning Experience

Our programs are designed to meet the needs of individual learning styles, while also leveraging the power of peer learning. This is achieved through a user-friendly learning platform that enables participants to easily navigate the program content to achieve learning objectives.

Keeping it real

Our pedagogical approach is designed to bring concepts to life, including:

  • Byte-sized learning techniques

  • Real-world application

  • Peer learning discussions

  • Live, interactive teaching

Keeping it convenient

Access to program content is flexible and available through multiple devices, allowing working professionals to easily manage schedules and learn remotely—anytime, anywhere. Participants enrolled in the program obtain access to learning materials in a modular approach, with new content released weekly. Program modules include a variety of teaching instruments, such as:

Keeping it real

Our pedagogical approach is designed to bring concepts to life, including:

  • Video lectures

  • Discussions

  • Class materials: articles, cases

  • Quizzes

  • Surveys

  • Assignments

To further personalize the program modules, live teaching sessions are scheduled during the program, often with Q&A. For participants who are unable to attend these sessions live, a recording is made available so nothing is missed. Our industry-leading learning platform allows participants to create a profile, connect and collaborate with peers, and interact with academic/industry experts such as program leaders, coaches, and teaching assistants. Assignments are often linked to participants' real-world situations, making concepts inherently practical.

Keeping it interesting

Our globally connected classrooms enable participants to seamlessly interact with their peers to complete group assignments and stay on track toward program completion—having culturally enriching encounters along the way


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Global Quantitative Competition

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