Are you a brand warrior looking for an opportunity to unfold your creative skills?

The Marketing team has multiple responsibilities with the overall task of conveying GQC’s purpose to the world in a new and attractive way; because what good does it do, to have the world’s coolest analyst competition organized by the world’s coolest student organization, if nobody knows about it? The position will allow you to build your marketing capabilities, whilst establishing a broad reach and high traction across multiple platforms. Experience with SoMe, graphic design, and/or photo and video editing is a plus, but not a requirement -- you will have plenty of opportunity to develop these skills and become a true ambassador of buzz by the time we reach week 9.

Some examples of tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Building digital campaigns and keeping GQC Awards social media accounts updated

  • Making strategic investments with a significant budget to reach a broad and relevant audience

  • Helping manage the valuable brand of GQC Analyst Competition to external parties

  • Developing graphic material for both online and offline platforms

  • Having close collaboration with our many prominent stakeholders to create unforgettable marketing content

Team size:


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